September 14, 1994 - March 22, 1995
ABC Situation Comedy
19 Episodes


Margaret Kim:   Margaret Cho
Katherine Kim:   Jodi Long
Benny Kim:   Clyde Kusatsu
Stuart Kim:   B.D. Wong
Eric Kim:   J.B. Quon
Grandma Kim:   Amy Hill
Ruthie:   Maddie Corman
Gloria:   Judy Gold
Casey Emerson:   Ashley Johnson

All-American Girl was a culture-clash comedy about a hip,
thoroughly assimilated Asian-American girl and her very
traditional mother. 21-year-old Margaret Kim and her
mother, Katherine, fought constantly, mostly over dates; Mom
wanted her to become the deferential wife of some nice
Korean boy, while Margaret favored caucasians in leather
biker garb. Stuart was Margaret's Goody Two-shoes older
brother, engaged and studying to become a cardiologist
while deferentially spending most of his time at his parents'
home. Eric, the younger brother, looked up to his sister,
much to Mom's chagrin. Dad just ducked for cover as the
women lobbed and argued one-liners at each other.

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