September 20, 1991 - August 6, 1993
CBS Situation Comedy
34 Episodes


Sophie Berger:   Marion Ross
Jules Berger:   Louis Zorich
Alan Silver:   Danny Gerard
Phyllis Berger Silver:   Amy Aquino
George Silver:   Peter Friedman
Nathaniel Silver:   Matthew Louis Siegel
Nicholas Scamperelli:   Adam Lavorgna
Katie Monahan:   Jenny Lewis
Sid Elgart:   David Wohl
Benny Belinsky:   Jake Jundef
Warren Butcher:   Aeryk Egan
Uncle Willie:   Alan Blumenfeld
Aunt Miriam:   Natalia Nogulich
Aunt Sylvia:   Carol Kane
Uncle Buddy:   Murray Rubin
Cousin Bernie:   Armin Shimerman

The year is 1956. Dwight David Eisenhower is U.S. President; Television is in its infancy; and
Alan Silver is 14 years old living in New York City, New York, just over the Brooklyn Bridge. Alan
was a middle-class Jewish youngster growing up who loved the Brooklyn Dodgers, candy was a penny at
Sid Elgart's store, and street crime was virtually nonexistent. Alan lived in an apartment house
with his parents, postal worker George and working mom Phyllis, and his kid brother, Nathaniel. Living
in the same building were his maternal grandparents, Jules and Sophie Berger. Sophie, the matriarch
of the family, was a loving but strong-willed woman whose word was almost always law in her
family. Although she was perfectly at home with Alan's multi-ethnic friends--Nicholas, Benny,
and Warren--Sophie found it difficult to accept Katie Monahan, the Catholic girl he was dating.

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