September 17, 1960 - June 20, 1962
CBS Detective Drama
70 Episodes


Don Corey:   Anthony George
Jed Sills:   Doug McClure
Carl Hyatt:   Sebastian Cabot
Chris Devlin:   Jack Betts

Checkmate, Inc. was the name of a very fancy, very
expensive detective agency operated in San Francisco
by Don Corey and Jed Stills. The goal of the company was
to prevent crimes and to forestall death. In most of their
cases, Don and Jed tried to protect the lives of people who
had been threatened or who suspected they were possible
targets of criminals. Helping them with the analytical side
of the operation was Carl Hyatt, a bearded and very British
former Oxford professor of criminology, who acted as
special consultant to the firm. Added to the firm in 1962,
on an irregular basis, was investigator Chris Devlin.

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