September 30, 1982 - May 20, 1993
NBC Situation Comedy - 269 Filmed Episodes


Sam Malone:   Ted Danson
Diane Chambers:   Shelley Long
Carla Tortelli LeBec:   Rhea Perlman
Earnie "Coach" Pantusso:   Nicholas Colasanto
Norm Peterson:   George Wendt
Cliff Clavin:   John Ratzenberger
Dr. Frasier Crane:   Kelsey Grammer
Woody Boyd:   Woody Harrelson
Rebecca Howe:   Kirstie Alley
Dr. Lilith Sternin:   Bebe Neuwirth
Eddie LeBec:   Jay Thomas
Robin Colcord:   Roger Rees
Kelly Gaines:   Jackie Swanson
Paul:   Paul Willson
Phil:   Philip Perlman
Evan Drake:   Tom Skerritt
Mark:   Mark Arnott
Tim:   Tim Cunningham
John Allen Hill:   Keene Curtis
Tony:   Tony DiBenedetto
Mr. Gaines:   Richard Doyle
Steve:   Steve Giannelli
Larry:   Larry Harpel
Nick Tortelli:   Dan Hedaya
Joe:   Michael Holden
Annie Tortelli:   Mandy Ingber
Loretta Tortelli:   Jean Kasem
Jack:   Jack Knight
Alan:   Alan Koss
Ludlow Tortelli:   Jarrett Lennon
Hugh:   Hugh Maguire
Al:   Al Rosen
Pete:   Peter Schreiner
Esther Clavin:   Frances Sternhagen
Paul (1983):   Paul Vaughn
Anthony Tortelli:   Timothy Williams

The witty gang at a Boston bar called Cheers provided
the focus of this comedy. Sam was the owner and
bartender, a tall rugged and rather self-assured man
with a knack for good conversations, an eye for the
ladies, and an interesting past. Once a pitcher for
the Boston Red Sox, he'd had a bout with alcoholism
but was sworn off the stuff for good. Helping him out
behind the great oak bar was Coach, a kindly,
absentminded manager who regaled the customers with
his experiences. Carla was a wise-cracking waitress,
while Norm (an accountant) and Cliff (the mailman)
were regular patrons. Into this bastion of locker-room
chatter came Diane, a bright, attractive graduate
student whose interests leaned toward the arts.

Jilted by her finance she was in need of immediate
employment. Sam hired her for the only job she was
qualified to do, that of waitress. She despised Sam
at first, and the barbs flew thick and fast, but in
time a romantic attraction grew. Their off-again,
on-again romance lasted only about a year until
Diana found a new boyfriend in obnoxious, insecure
psychologist Frasier Crane. Unable to get Sam out of
her mind, Diane jilted Frasier and eventually returned
to working at Cheers. Meanwhile in 1985 Coach passed
away, and a new bartender joined the ensemble. Young
Woody Boyd, a naive farmboy from Indiana. In 1987
Diane announced she was leaving to write her
long-awaited novel. Sam then sold the bar and
embarked on an around-the-world trip in a sailboat,
but the boat sank and he was soon back looking for
a job at the establisment he once ran. The new
manager Rebecca, a buxom, determined lady who
took him in, but only on her terms. Sam would
eventually regain control of Cheers and
haughty Rebecca was demoted to barmaid.

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