April 26, 1988 - July 22, 1991
ABC Military Drama
64 Episodes


Nurse Colleen McMurphy:   Dana Delany
Cherry White:   Nan Woods
Laurette Barber:   Chloe Webb
K.C. Koloski:   Marg Helgenberger
Pvt. Sam Beckett:   Michael Boatman
Dr. Dick Richard:   Robert Picardo
Natch Austen:   Tim Ryan
Maj. Lila Garreau:   Concetta Tomei
Boonie Lanier:   Brian Wimmer
Wayloo Marie Holmes:   Megan Gallagher
Pvt. Frankie Bunsen:   Nancy Giles
Dodger:   Jeff Kober
Jeff Hyers:   Ned Vaughn
Sgt. Pepper:   Troy Evans
Holly the Donut Dolly:   Ricki Lake

The premise of this series about the Vietnam War was
plausible, even if it did not look like the Vietnam most
veterans probably remember. China Beach was a combination
evacuation hospital and USO entertainment center near the
big U.S. base of Da Nang, on the South China sea. Most of
the stories revolved around McMurphy, a conscientious
nurse who had affairs with pilot Natch and several others
who passed through the base. Her true love was Dr. Dick,
but he was married; although his marriage was troubled,
their love was never to be. Early episodes also featured
Laurette, a professional singer with plans for the big time;
Wayloo Marie, an ambitious on-air personality; and Cherry,
a Red Cross worker who was killed in the 1968 Tet
Offensive. Others whose lives and loves unfolded over
the years included officious Major Lila; her assistant,
ambitious K.C.; and Dodger, who fathered an Amerasian
child. Adding some black humor were sarcastic Beckett,
who ran the morgue, and portly Holly, the Donut Dolly.

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