May 31, 2000 - December 14, 2002
ABC/Comedy Central Animated Comedy


Dante Hicks:   Brian O'Halloran
Randal Graves:   Jeff Anderson
Jay:   Jason Mewes
Silent Bob Plutarski:   Kevin Smith

Nothing made much sense in this offbeat cartoon about
four young slackers in Leonardo, New Jersey. Bearded
Dante manned the cash register at the Quick Stop convenience
store while his buddy, tall, shaggy Randal, was the unmotivated
clerk at RST Video next door. Dimwitted Jay and hefty biker
Silent Bob hung out with them. Stories started out with a
little incident, then evolved into fantasy sequences or
parodies of pop culture--for example Jay slipped on the
floor and sued the store for $10 million, leading to an
elaborate trial where Judge Reinhold presided and George
Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Spike Lee appeared.

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