January 11, 1966 - January 15, 1969
CBS Adventure Series
89 Episodes


Dr. Marsh Tracy:   Marshall Thompson
Paula Tracy:   Cheryl Miller
Jack Dane:   Yale Summers
Hedley:   Hedley Mattingly
Mike:   Hari Rhodes
Bart Jason:   Ross Hagen
Jenny Jones:   Erin Moran

A spin-off from the 1965 movie Clarence, the Crosseyed
Lion, Daktari was filmed entirely on location at Africa, U.S.A.,
a wild animal park in Los Angeles, California. The series
told the story of an American doctor and his daughter living
in Africa. Dr. Marsh Tracy was a veterinarian who ran an
animal study center with the assistance of his daughter Paula,
an American named Jack Dane, and a native named Mike. The
Tracys had two distinctive pets, a lion named Clarence and
a chimpanzee named Judy. Also featured was Hedley, the
British game warden, who often called on Marsh for help in
dealing with the animals, natives, and poachers. Added to
the cast in 1968 were Bart Jason, a former ranger and hunter
who had become a guide for camera safaris, and Jenny Jones, a
7-year-old orphan who became part of the Tracy house.

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