Premiered September 12, 2013
Netflix Situation Comedy


Derek Noakes:   Ricky Gervais
Dougie:   Karl Pilkington
Hannah:   Kerry Godliman
Kevin Twine:   David Earl
Deon:   Doc Brown
Tom:   Brett Goldstein
Mary:   Ruth Bratt
Joan:   Joan Linder
Lizzie:   Kay Noone
Elsie:   Vilma Hollingbery
Jack:   Tim Barlow
Arthur:   Arthur Nightingale
Vicky:   Holli Dempsey

Derek is set in a nursing home and centers on a helper
at the home, Derek. The show portrays the home's workers
and residents as unhappy outsiders who struggle in life due
to being disadvantaged and unwanted by the mainstream. The
character's quirky, goofy, and often hare-brained personality
is tempered by a tender, honest, and brave spirit.

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