April 26, 1987 - September 12, 1987
FOX Situation Comedy
13 Episodes


Dave Whiteman:   Hector Elizondo
Barbara Whiteman:   Anita Morris
Jerry Baskin:   Tim Thomerson
Max Whiteman:   Evan Richards
Jenny Whiteman:   Eileen Seeley
Carmen, the maid:   April Ortiz
Matisse:   Mike the Dog

This short-lived Disney sitcom was adapted from the hit
1986 Touchstone Pictures film of the same name. Dave
Whiteman had made his fortune selling clothes hangers
and had moved his family into a sumptuous Beverly Hills
mansion. Although he still had middle-class roots and
understood the value of a dollar, such could not be said
for his flighty wife Barbara or his social-climbing daughter
Jenny. Max, his son, was not coping well with either his
new peer group at Beverly Hills High School or his own
adolescence. Into this unsettled household came Jerry
Baskin, a flower child of the '60s who had become a
derelict in the '80s. When his attempt to commit suicide
failed--he was pulled out by Dave--Jerry stayed on to
live the good life with them and dispense philosophical
and sometimes cryptic answers to the unending
questions posed by the Whitemans. Down and Out in
Beverly Hills was produced by Walt Disney Television.

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