January 26, 1979 - February 8, 1985
CBS Comedy Series - 147 Filmed Episodes


Luke Duke:   Tom Wopat
Bo Duke:   John Schneider
Daisy Duke:   Catherine Bach
Uncle Jesse Duke:   Denver Pyle
Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane:   James Best
Jefferson Davis 'Boss' Hogg:   Sorrell Booke
Deputy Enos Strate:   Sonny Shroyer
Cooter Davenport:   Ben Jones
Deputy Cletus Hogg:   Rick Hurst
Coy Duke:   Byron Cherry
Vance Duke:   Christopher Mayer
The Balladeer:   Waylon Jennings
Hughie Hogg:   Jeff Altman
Sheriff Ed Little:   Don Pedro Colley
Sheriff Buster Moon:   James Hampton
Lulu Coltrane Hogg:   Peggy Rea
Sheriff Grady Byrd:   Dick Sargent
Laverne:   Lila Kent
Emery Potter:   Charlie Dell
Miz Emma Tisdale:   Nedra Volz

Luke and Bo Duke were cousins and buddies in Hazzard
County, located "east of the Mississippi and south of the
Ohio." Their nemesis was Boss Hogg, a fat, blustery, and
thoroughly corrupt local politician always seen in a white
flannel suit. The Dukes easily managed to avoid capture by
dim-witted Sheriff Coltrane, Boss Hogg's brother-in-law,
while acting as Robin Hoods of the county. The boys hot-
rodded all over Hazzard County in their souped-up Dodge
Charger, "General Lee," occassionally pausing for some sage
advice from their wise old uncle Jesse. Moonshine, wild car
chases and crashes, and lots of scantily clad young women,
including the Dukes' gorgeous cousin Daisy, populated the
series. Country star Waylon Jennings served as off-screen
narrator, to the accompaniment of fast-paced banjo music.

Tom Wopat and John Schneider walked out on the series in
the spring of 1982 in a contract dispute. They returned
to Hazzard County the following February.

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Dukes of Hazzard

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