October 8, 1988 - June 17, 1995
NBC Situation Comedy - 170 Filmed Episodes


Dr. Harry Weston:   Richard Mulligan
Barbara Weston:   Kristy McNichol
Carol Weston:   Dinah Manoff
Nurse LaVerne Todd:   Park Overall
Charley Dietz:   David Leisure
Patrick Arcola:   Paul Provenza
Emily Weston:   Lisa Rieffel
Dr. Maxine Douglas:   Marsha Warfield
Jeffrey Millstein:   Edan Gross
Sophia Petrillo:   Estelle Getty

This spinoff from The Golden Girls was about a
pediatrician whose wife, Libby, had died about
a year before the show began, and whose children
were grown. But his nest did not stay empty for
long. Both eldest daughter Carol, a neurotic
divorcee, and middle daughter Barbara, a self-
assured undercover cop, came home to live. LaVerne
was the tart-tongued, prescient nurse with a
pronounced Arkansas drawl, and Charley, the
obnoxious, skirt-chasing neighbor who worked on
a cruise ship but never seemed to be away. He
dropped in regularly to mooch food from the
Weston kitchen and trade jibes with Carol.

Harry fretted and fussed over his daughters'
love lives, as well as his own, finding the most
sympathetic ear from his enormous dog, Dreyfuss.
Other best buddies were the kids with
whom he bantered at the office.

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