July 12, 1976 - June 14, 1985
ABC Daytime Game Show

Richard Dawson

Gene Wood

Two teams, each composed of five family members from the
same family, competed against each other to match answers
with the results of a survey of one hundred people.
The first team to score three hundred points won the game
and got to play "Fast Money" for a chance to increase their
personal budget by winning $5000.

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July 4, 1988 - September 10, 1993
CBS Daytime Game Show

Ray Combs

Gene Wood

The game was played the same as the ABC run only with a
new host. Then in 1992 the show was expanded to one
hour adding the "Bullseye Round and renaming it
The Family Feud Challenge.

In the fall of 1994 Richard Dawson returned to host an
hour-long syndicated version of the series for one year.

1999 - 2002
Syndicated Game Show

Louie Anderson

Burton Richardson

An updated version of the classic game show.
Host Louie Anderson referees the battles between
competing families as they try to win cash by guessing
the most popular answers to questions like
"name something found in a hotel."

2002 - 2006
Syndicated Game Show

Richard Karn

2006 - Present
Syndicated Game Show

John O'Hurley

New host, John O'Hurley's quick wit and sophisticated style
resonates with viewers who remember the Richard Dawson
era. Although the set is now in a theatre in the round setting,
it is somewhat of a throwback to the Dawson era when
the families posed inside a living room setting.

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Family Feud

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