September 25, 1999 - March 27, 2000
NBC Situation Comedy
18 Episodes


Lindsay Weir:   Linda Cardellini
Sam Weir:   John Francis Daley
Neal Schweiber:   Samm Levine
Bill Haverchuck:   Martin Starr
Daniel Desario:   James Franco
Ken Miller:   Seth Rogan
Alan White:   Chauncey Leopardi
Nick Andopolis:   Jason Segal
Millie Kentner:   Sarah Hagan
Kim Kelly:   Busy Philipps
Cindy Sanders:   Natasha Melnick
Harris Trinsky:   Stephen Lee Sheppard
Gordon Crisp:   Jerry Messing
Harold Weir:   Joe Flaherty
Jean Weir:   Becky Ann Baker
Jeff Rosso:   Dave Allen
Mr. Kowchevski:   Steve Bannos

TV high school was never as painful, or as real, as in
this acclaimed but low-rated series. The geeks at Michigan's
William McKinley High School, circa 1980, were scrawny
Sam, an undersized freshman runt who knew his place at
the bottom of the social plate all too well, and pals Neal, a
sci-fi fan who ran whenever trouble loomed, and Bill, a tall,
intelligent-looking Bill Gates look-alike whose brain was
actually mush. The bullying freaks, or school rebels, included
rebellious Dan, sarcastic Ken, Sam's personal tormentor
Alan, and Nick, a surprisingly good-hearted freak who was
into drums and sometimes actually listened to the geeks.

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