September 2, 1990 - March 8, 1992
FOX Situation Comedy
35 Episodes


Chris Peterson:   Chris Elliott
Fred Peterson:   Bob Elliott
Gladys Peterson:   Elinor Donahue
Larry Potter:   Sam Robards
Sharon Potter:   Robin Riker
Amy Potter:   Taylor Fry
Bobby Potter:   Zachary Benjamin
Gus Borden:   Brian Doyle-Murray

This offbeat comedy centered on the life of a 30-year-old
paperboy who never quite grew up. Chris Peterson lived in
an apartment over his folks' garage in the suburban community
of Greenville. Making a living, such as it was, as a paperboy
for the Pioneer Press was somehow appropriate for Chris,
who acted more like a child than an adult. His best friend
Larry, an uptight junior executive with a wife and two young
children, lived next door. Larry's wife, Sharon, who disliked
Chris intensely, said it all when she told him "You're thirty. You
still live with your parents. You're losing your hair, and you're
stupid." None of this seemed to bother Chris, who flattered
through life with eternal optimism, incredible naivete, and a
remarkable facility for avoiding any responsibility. At the
start of the 1991-1992 season Chris moved into an "apartment"
in the garage of retired Gus Borden, while Larry, unable
to cope with the constant verbal abuse he received
from his sharp-tongued wife, ran away from home.

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