October 27, 1988 - May 10, 1991
CBS Western
67 Episodes


Ethan Allen Cord:   Lee Horsley
Claire Carroll:   Jenny Beck
Joseph Carroll:   Matthew Newmark
Ben Carroll:   Brian Lando
George Carroll:   Michael Patrick Carter
John Taylor:   Dehl Berti
Amelia Lawson:   Sigrid Thornton
Scotty McBride:   Mack Dryden
Tiny:   John Bloom
Deputy Charlie:   James Crittenden
Wade Stratton:   Randy Crowder
Mr. Lee:   Benjamin Lum
Carl:   Will Hunt
Mr. Axelrod:   Michael Ensign
Pearl:   Gay Hagen
Mr. Dodd:   F. William Parker
Toy Lien:   Kenny Lao
Dakota:   John Terlesky

Ethan Cord was a grizzled professional gunfighter living
in the frontier mining town of Paradise, California, during the
1890s. His outlook on life and responsibility were changed
radically when his dying sister, Lucy Cord Carroll, a singer
in a musical revue in St. Louis, Missouri, sent her four
children to live with their uncle. Although he wasn't convinced
that he could adjust to the role of parent, Ethan rented a
farmhouse from Amelia Lawson, owner of the Paradise Bank
and eventually his love interest, and moved his new family
in. Despite his efforts to become a peacable rancher, a
more suitable living for a man with a family, Ethan was
still hired for skills with a gun and called upon to protect
the honest folk of Paradise from criminals. Indian medicine
man John Taylor was his close friend, a quiet man who
always was around when he was needed, particularly when a
gunfight was imminent. Among the townspeople seen
frequently were Scotty, the bartender, Tiny the blacksmith,
storekeepers Lee and Axelrod, & hotel worker Mr. Dodd.

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