September 21, 1983 - May 5, 1988
ABC Primetime Soap Opera
116 Episodes


Peter McDermott:   James Brolin
Christine Francis:   Connie Sellecca
Mark Danning:   Shea Farrell
Billy Griffin:   Nathan Cook
Dave Kendall:   Michael Spound
Megan Kendall:   Heidi Bohay
Julie Gillette:   Shari Belafonte
Victoria Cabot:   Anne Baxter
Kei:   Michael Yama
Harry, the bartender:   Harry George Phillips
Charles Cabot:   Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Elizabeth Bradshaw Cabot:   Michelle Phillips
Cheryl Dolan:   Valerie Landsburg
Ryan Thomas:   Susan Walters
Eric Lloyd:   Ty Miller

San Francisco's St. Gregory was an elegant hostelry
indeed. Its marble columns rose up over a cavernous
lobby and elegant restaurants; above lay plush suites
serviced by an attentive staff. This was the setting for
romance, drama, and occasional comedy in the weekly
series Hotel. Produced by the same people responsible
for The Love Boat, Hotel bore a certain resemblance to
that seagoing series. There were different guests each
week, usually in gentle stories of the heart, almost all
with happy endings. Sometimes the drama was a little
heavier, as when a prostitute was brought into the hotel
and then gang-raped by some students; or lighter, as
when the kindly old gentleman died in the dining room
but was left propped up until after lunch so as not to
disturb the other patrons in Arthur Hailey's Hotel.

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