September 16, 1995 - May 26, 1997
ABC & NBC Situation Comedy
41 Episodes


Jeff Foxworthy:   Jeff Foxworthy
Karen Foxworthy:   Anita Barone
  Ann Cusack
Matt Foxworthy:   Haley Joel Osment
Justin Foxworthy:   Jonathan Lipnicki
Walt Bacon:   Matt Clark
Russ Francis:   Matt Borlenghi
Craig Lesko:   Steve Hytner
Sandi:   Sue Murphy
Elliot:   Dakin Matthews
Lois:   Bibi Besch
Nettie:   Kathryn Zaremba
Big Jim Foxworthy:   G.W. Bailey

Good ol' boy Jeff Foxworthy adapted his unique brand of
Southern humor to TV in this family sitcom. In the first season
he owned a small heating and air-conditioning company in
Bloomington, Indiana. At home he traded gentle jibes with wife
Karen, a nurse, and their bright 7-year-old, Matt. Walt and Russ
were his two dim-witted workers on the job, Sandi was Karen's
worldly co-worker, and Craig the Foxworthys' condescending
neighbor at The Hunt Club at Avon housing development. Elliot,
a college professor, and Lois were Karen's disdainful
parents. When the series moved to NBC for its second season
after being canceled by ABC, the entire cast changed, with
the exception of Jeff and son Matt. The locale was now near
Jeff's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, where Jeff managed the
loading dock of a shipping company. He and Karen now had
two children, adding youngest Justin, and there was a
wisecracking, Army-brat kid-next-door named Nettie. Perhaps
the most colorful member of the second cast was Big Jim,
Jeff's father, who was an unrepentant ladies' man.

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