September 9, 1975 - June 8, 1979
ABC Situation Comedy - 95 Filmed Episodes


Gabe Kotter:   Gabriel Kaplan
Julie Kotter:   Marcia Strassman
Vinnie Barbarino:   John Travolta
Juan Epstein:   Robert Hegyes
Freddie Washington:   Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs
Arnold Horshack:   Ron Palillo
Mr. Michael Woodman:   John Sylvester White
Rosalie Totzie:   Debralee Scott
Verna Jean:   Vernee Watson
Judy Brown:   Helaine Lembeck
Todd Ludlow:   Dennis Bowen
Maria:   Catarina Cellino
Angie Globagoski:   Melonie Haller
Beau De Labarre:   Stephen Shortridge
Carvelli:   Charles Fleischer
Murray:   Bob Harcum
Mary Johnson:   Irene Arranga

Mr. Kotter, a Brooklyn-born teacher, returns to
the inner-city high school from which he had
graduated 10 years earlier to teach a
remedial academics group. Gabe's "sweathogs"
were the outcasts of the academic system,
streetwise but unable or unwilling to make it
in normal classes. They were the toughest, and
also the funniest, kids in school. Gabe was
just as hip as they were, with fine disregard
for rules and a sense of humor he set out to
help them pick up a little bit of practical,
if not academic knowledge, during their
years at James Buchanan High.

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