September 17, 1996 - June 10, 1997
ABC Situation Comedy
22 Episodes


Lisa Hunter:   Lisa Ann Walter
Kevin Hunter:   Michael O'Keefe
Tess Hunter:   Alexa Vega
Griffin Hunter:   Luca Weibel
  Cameron Weibel
DeeDee Lucas:   Molly Hagen
Lyndon Knox:   Andrew Lowery
Jerome Nash:   Larry Miller
Matt Youngster:   Lightfield Lewis
Coach Brick:   Shashawnee Hall
Connie Minardi:   Lainie Kazan
  Jenny O'Hara

Lisa Hunter was a 33-year-old woman who wanted to
"have it all" in this very '90s career comedy. She had
gotten married, had two kids, and simultaneously attended
law school; now, with her degree in hand, she was starting
work as an assistant state's attorney in Baltimore. A loud,
abrasive superachiever, she struck some of those around
her as a little over-the-top; others just got out of her way. Her
easygoing husband Kevin, a college basketball coach,
whined a bit but was supportive, helping take care of
youngsters Tess and Griffin. At the office the chief skeptic was
smarmy, sexist, politically ambitious Lyndon, who never
failed to put her down. Jerome was the prickly division chief,
DeeDee a perky associate, and Matt the bald, eccentric
office helper. Connie was Lisa's worrywart mom.

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