October 3, 1955 - June 24, 1959
ABC Children's Series
360 Performances


Mickey Mouse:   Walt Disney
Mouseketeer:   Jimmie Dodd
Mouseketeer:   Roy Williams
Mouseketeer:   Bob Amsberry
Mouseketeer:   Nancy Abbate
Mouseketeer:   Sherry Alberoni
Mousekteer:   Annette Funicello
Mouseketeer:   Lonnie Burr
Mouseketeer:   Don Grady
Mouseketeer:   Paul Petersen
Mouseketeer:   Don Underhill
Mouseketeer:   Mark Sutherland
Mouseketeer:   Dennis Day
Mouseketeer:   Cheryl Holdridge
Mouseketeer:   Jay-Jay Solari
Mouseketeer:   Bonnie Lynn Fields
Mouseketeer:   Bronson Scott
Mouseketeer:   Darlene Gillespie
Mouseketeer:   Bobby Burgess
Mouseketeer:   Carl "Cubby" O'Brien
Mouseketeer:   Karen Pendleton
Mouseketeer:   Tommy Cole
Mouseketeer:   Sharon Baird
Mouseketeer:   Doreen Tracey

Every weekday afternoon at 5 P.M. ET, children all over
the U.S. would tune into The Mickey Mouse Club, 60 minutes
(later trimmed to 30 minutes) of songs, dances, & serials
brought to you in glorious black-and-white by Walt Disney.

3 decades after the original series ceased production, The
Disney Channel aired a new version of The Mickey Mouse
Club for 7 seasons, from April 24, 1989 - October 22, 1994
for 315 episodes. Among the many Mouseketeers in this
version who went on to greater fame included Britney Spears,
Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and J.C. Chasez.

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