January 26, 1984 - May 13, 1987
CBS Detective Drama
44 Episodes


Mike Hammer:   Stacy Keach
Velda:   Lindsay Bloom
Capt. Pat Chambers:   Don Stroud
Asst. D.A. Lawrence D. Burrington:   Kent Williams
Ozzie the Answer:   Danny Goldman
Jenny the bartender:   Lee Benton
Moochie:   Ben Powers
Ritchie:   Eddie Barth
Hennessey:   Eddie Egan
The Face:   Donna Denton

Mike Hammer turned up on television in 1984, 4 decades
after Mickey Spillane wrote a series of detective novels with
the title character. Mike's secretary, Velda, was bustily present,
as were a host of other beauties poured into tight, low-cut
dresses to emphasize their obvious assets. There was also
a regular coterie of street people and contacts, the most
prominent of whom was Ozzie the Answer, Mike's most reliable
source of information. Jenny was the sexy bartender at the
Light 'n' Easy, Mike's favorite hangout. His good buddy Pat,
as well as Ritchie and Hennessey, were cops on the N.Y.P.D.,
and Barrington was the Assistant D.A. with whom he never
saw eye to eye. Mike's best friend, however, was not a
person, but the powerful .45 caliber pistol he had nicknamed
Betsy and carried with him almost all his waking hours.

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