September 24, 1963 - August 31, 1965
NBC High-School Drama
64 Episodes


John Novak:   James Franciscus
Albert Vane:   Dean Jagger
Jean Pagano:   Jeanne Bal
Martin Woodridge:   Burgess Meredith
Larry Thor:   Jim Hendriks
Nurse Bromfield:   Marion Ross
Mr. Jerry Allen:   Steve Franken
Mr. Gallo:   Donald Barry
Miss Marilyn Scott:   Marian Collier
Mr. Pete Butler:   Vince Howard
Mr. Everett Johns:   Andre Phillippe
Mr. Stan Peeples:   Stephen Roberts
Mrs. Ann Floyd:   Kathaleen Ellis
Miss Rosemary Dorsey:   Marjorie Corley
Ruth Wilkinson:   Phyllis Avery
Mr. Arthur Bradwell:   William Zuckert
Paul Webb:   David Sheiner
Mr. Parkson:   Peter Hansen
Mrs. Ring:   Irene Tedrow

The challenges, accomplisments, and frustrations of a
young high school English teacher on his first job provided
the stories in this series. John Novak started his career at
Jefferson High School in Los Angeles, California under
Principal Albert Vane, who, although not in complete
agreement with Mr. Novak's approach to teaching, took a
strong liking to him as a dedicated teacher. When Vane
was elected to the post of state superintendent of schools
at the start of the second season, he chose Martin Woodridge,
another English teacher at Jefferson High, to replace him.

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