Premiered February 19, 1968
PBS Educational Program


Mr. Rogers:   Fred Rogers
Mr. McFeely:   David Newell
Lady Aberlin:   Betty Aberlin
Chef Brockett:   Don Brockett
Officer Clemmons:   Francois Clemmons
Emily the Poetry Lady:   Emily Jacobson
Pilot Ito:   Yoshi Ito
Handyman Negri:   Joe Negri
Himself:   John Reardon
Miss Paulificate:   Audrey Roth
Mayor Maggie:   Maggie Stewart
Himself:   Bob Trow

For 33 years, Fred McFeely Rogers both entertained and
educated America's children about a variety of different
subjects ranging from acceptance of others to music. "One of
the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your
honest self. I also believe that kids can spot a phony a mile
away," Mister Rogers once stated on camera. An ordained
Presbyterian Minister, Fred Rogers not only starred on the
show, but also wrote the original music for Mister Rogers'
Neighborhood. Upon his 2003 death he was remembered by
many who knew him as the same kind of person he was
OFF camera as he was ON, a very rare feat for anyone.

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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
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