Premiered September 22, 2015
ABC Situation Comedy


Kermit the Frog:   Steve Whitmire
Miss Piggy:   Eric Jacobson
Gonzo the Great:   Dave Goelz
Fozzie Bear:   Eric Jacobson
Pepe the Prawn:   Bill Baretta
Scooter:   David Rudman
Walter:   Peter Linz

The Muppets is set in Los Angeles, California and depicts
the everyday personal and professional lives of Jim Henson's
Muppet characters during production of Up Late with Miss Piggy.

The show serves as a mockumentary such as Modern Family,
Parks and Recreation and The Office by employing a single-
camera setup filming style with the implication of a documentary
crew filming everyone. "We have the opportunity to explore
these characters as individuals with their own emotional lives,"
says Executive Producer Bob Kushell. "It's not just a behind-
the-scenes look at a show, but it's the relationship-driven,
emotional stories that people go through in their lives."

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The Muppets
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