September 14, 1991 - May 14, 1994
NBC Situation Comedy
67 Filmed Episodes


Sandy Miller:   Stephanie Hodge
Annie Roland:   Arnetia Walker
Julie Milbury:   Mary Jo Keenen
Greg Vincent:   Jeff Altman
Gina Cuevas:   Ada Maris
Hank Kaplan:   Kip Gilman
Paco Ortiz:   Carlos LaCamara
Dr. Riskin:   Florence Stanley
Luke Fitzgerald:   Markus Flanagan
Jack Trenton:   David Rasche
Casey MacAfee:   Loni Anderson

Miami's Dade Community Medical Center, right around the
corner from Empty Nest and The Golden Girls, was the setting
for this rather standard medical sitcom. A spin-off from Empty
Nest, Nurses was A Witt Thomas Harris Production for Walt
Disney Television. The center of the action--which was mostly
talk--was the third floor nurses' station, manned by five
harried, underpaid R.N.'s: working mom Annie, the nurse-in-
charge; dedicated, cynical Sandy; neurotic newcomer Julie,
who was deathly afraid of germs; worldly wise immigrant
Gina; and flaky Greg, an anti-authority type with a penchant
for physically attacking the doctors. Most of the incompetent
M.D.'s deserved it, with the exception of financially strapped
good-guy Dr. Hank. Paco served as the Hospital Orderly.

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