September 9, 1979 - December 16, 1979
ABC Situation Comedy
13 Filmed Episodes


Random the Angel:   Jimmy Brogan
Aunt Marion:   Dixie Carter
Chris Richards:   Clark Brandon
Laura Richards:   Olivia Barash
Stacey Richards:   Tammy Lauren
Jason Richards:   Jason Keller
Shane Richards:   Shane Keller
Gladys:   Hannah Dean
Boss Angel:   Eileen Heckart

Out of the Blue, a spin-off of Happy Days, was a kiddie
comedy in the style of Bewitched and My Favorite Martian,
where an inept angel was dispatched to help a harried
Chicago woman cope with her five adorable nieces and
nephews, after their parents were killed in a plane crash.
Aunt Marion decided to accept a boarder, to help meet
expenses, so Random moved in. The fact that he was an
angel, with magical powers, was the kids' secret. Random
could move people and places around with a twinkle, and
he used his powers to teach the kids little lessons about
growing up. Gladys served as the black housekeeper.

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