March 4, 1982 - July 8, 1982
ABC Situation Comedy


Det. Frank Drebin:   Leslie Nielsen
Capt. Ed Hocken:   Alan North
Ted Olson:   Ed Williams
Johnny the Snitch:   William Duell

The creators of the movie Airplane! brought their bent
humor to television in this short-lived series. The setting
was a "large American city," where straight-faced Detective
Frank Drebin and his loyal Captain Hocken investigated
puzzling cases filled with sight-gags and non sequitors. In
the opening episode they arrived at the scene of a murder
to find a chalk outline of the body with Egyptian hieroglyphics
alongside, the police photographer taking a picture of a grinning
policeman posing with the corpse, and a witness who had a hard
time talking through her braces. Parked nearby was a police
car, with big letters on the hood reading POLICE CAR.

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