November 26, 1956 - September 3, 1965
NBC Daytime Game Show (Nov. 1956 - Sept. 1963)
NBC Primetime Game Show (Sept. 1957 - Sept. 1963)
ABC Daytime Game Show (Sept. 1963 - Sept. 1965)
ABC Primetime Game Show (Sept. 1963 - Sept. 1964)

Bill Cullen

Don Pardo
Johnny Gilbert

Beverly Bentley
Toni Wallace
June Ferguson
Carolyn Stroupe
Maryann James
Gail Sheldon

Four studio contestants were shown merchandise items.
The object of the game was to come as close as possible
to the manufacturer's retail price without going over.
Some items were one-bid items, where each player was
given one guess at the actual price. Other items were
part of open bidding, where one player bid and the
following players had to bid higher than the previous
player. The bidding moved through the panel several
times before each player had to make a final bid. A
player could freeze a bid at anytime when feeling the
next bid would put him or her over. The player who
came closest to the price won the item. The player
who accumulated the highest dollar amount for
the day returned to play on the next show.

September 4, 1972 - June 15, 2007
CBS Daytime Game Show

Bob Barker

Rich Fields
Johnny Olsen
Rod Roddy

Phillip Wayne Rossi
Roger Dobkowitz

Barker's Beauties:
Janice Pennington
Kathleen Bradley
Nikki Schieler Ziering

Holly Hallstrom
Dian Parkinson
Chantel Dubay
Anitra Ford
Ferrari Farris
Claudia Jordan
Heather Kozar
Cindy Margolis
Gena Lee Nolin

The Price Is Right has been on television in one form
or another since 1957. It has had runs on all three
major networks and hosted by the likes of Bill Cullen,
Dennis James, Tom Kennedy, and Jack Clark. But it was
Bob Barker that made the show a fixture on daytime TV.
Now more than a quarter of a century later, with more
than 5000 episodes in the can, the show is still going
strong. Audience members play various pricing games
for fabulous prizes. Two lucky contestants get to
bid on showcases at the end of each show. The
one who bids best wins their showcase.


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Premiered October 15, 2007
CBS Daytime Game Show

Drew Carey

Rich Fields

Price Is Right

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The American Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

(Bob Barker with his dog Federico)

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