June 8, 1993 - July 6, 1993
NBC Adventure Series
13 Episodes


Nick Lewis:   James Wilder
Arthur Clark:   Dan Cortese
Music:   Warren Zevon

Ever wonder what happens to the great old props from
classic TV shows of the past? Sometimes they roll them
out of the gaage for one more spin, as in this rather literal
revival of the 1950s classic Route 66. Young Nick was the
abandoned son of Buz Murdock, a father he never knew,
who had left him one bequest: his perfectly preserved,
gleaming red-and-white 1961 Corvette. Taking the bait,
Nick hit the road too, along with a gregarious hitchhiker named
Arthur. Like Tod and Buz three decades before, they found
adventure helping people in little towns from coast to coast.

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