September 18, 1991 - May 13, 1992
CBS Situation Comedy
15 Filmed Episodes


Alfonso "Al" Royal:   Redd Foxx
Victoria Royal:   Della Reese
Elizabeth Royal:   Mariann Aaida
Kim Royal:   Sylver Gregory
Curtis Royal:   Larenz Tate
Hillary Royal:   Naya Rivera
Ruth "Coco" Royal:   Jackee Harry
Willis Tillis:   Shabaku

Nearly 15 years after retiring from "Sanford & Son," Redd
Foxx returned to series television as Al Royal, a cranky
Atlanta mailman looking forward to an active retirement with
his loving, if somewhat contentious, wife Victoria. Everything
changed, however, when his daughter Elizabeth arrived with
the news that she was getting divorced from her husband,
Dexter. Al, who had never liked Dexter, thought that was
great news until he found out that Elizabeth was moving back
home with her three children and wanted to go to medical
school. The three grandchildren were almost more than Al
could take--high schoolers Kim and Curtis, who were more
interested in their social lives, and adorable little Hillary.

On October 11, 1991, tragedy struck "The Royal Family" when
Redd Foxx, aged 68, dropped dead in real life of a massive
Heart Attack. The series' creator, Eddie Murphy, decided to
honor his friend Redd, whom he'd met while working on the
film "Harlem Nights" in 1988, by having Redd's character, Al
Royal, also pass away, writing Al out of the show. Soon
afterwards, actress Jackee Harry was cast as Ruth Royal,
the eldest Royal daughter, who moved in after Al's death.

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