October 2, 2001 - March 17, 2010
NBC & ABC Situation Comedy - 181 Episodes


Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian:   Zach Braff
Dr. Christopher Turk:   Donald Faison
Dr. Elliot Reid:   Sarah Chalke
Dr. Phil Cox:   John C. McGinley
Dr. Bob Kelso:   Ken Jenkins
Nurse Carla Espinosa:   Judy Reyes
Dr. Todd Quinlan:   Robert Maschio
The Janitor:   Robert Maschio
Nurse Laverne Roberts:   Aloma Wright
Dr. Doug Murphy:   Johnny Kastl
Jordan Sullivan:   Christa Miller
Ted Buckland:   Sam Lloyd
Keith:   Travis Schuldt
Dr. Denise Mahoney:   Eliza Coupe
Dr. Mickhead:   Frank Encarnacao
Dr. Wen:   Charles Chun
Lloyd:   Mike Schwartz
Lonnie:   Michael Hobert
Baby Jack:   Andrew Miller
Dr. Kim Briggs:   Elizabeth Banks
Crispin:   George Miserlis
Randall:   Paul F. Perry

This half-hour comedy focuses on the bizarre
experiences of fresh-faced medical intern John
"J.D." Dorian as he embarks on his healing
career in a surreal hospital crammed full of
unpredictable staffers and patients -- where
humor and tragedy can merge paths at any time.

Joining the rumpled J.D. in his exhilarating
brave new world are his college buddy, Chris Turk,
an intern with a more elite surgical group, and
J.D.'s fellow medical intern, the beautiful and
driven Elliot Reid. Keeping the new interns on
their toes are: the fatherly chief of medicine,
Dr. Bob Kelso; the abrasive, worldly Dr. Perry
Cox, and the caring but slightly jaded
nurse Carla Espinosa.

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