September 17, 1996 - July 7, 1998
NBC & ABC Situation Comedy
37 Episodes


Jack Farrell:   Jere Burns
Carly Davis:   Mel Harris
Nicole Farrell:   Marnette Patterson
Will Pacino:   Billy L. Sullivan
Sarah Kramer:   Emily Ann Lloyd
Grace:   Carol Ann Susi
Paul Lardazzio:   Nick Gaza
Stephanie Farrell:   Christine Dunford
Dante Pacino:   Michael Milhoan
Sheldon Kramer:   Barry Jenner

"So we're not the Waltons," deadpanned Mom in this
very '90s sitcom about a newlywed couple with three
divorces and three kids between them. Jack was an
amiable, divorced English teacher who had married twice-
divorced Carly, a hyperactive corporate party planner. Passing
through their busy Manhattan kitchen were a motley
assortment of stepkids and ex's. Jack's daughter was
scheming 16-year-old Nicole, while Carly's offspring were
awkward Will, who had a major crush on Nicole, and brainy
Sarah, who wanted to go live with her dad so she could have
her own room again. Popping in from time to time were their
friendly ex's, actress Stephanie, burly Dante, and rich, snotty
Sheldon. Grace was Carly's technicolor coworker.

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