April 15, 1997 - September 15, 1998
ABC Situation Comedy
25 Episodes


Rev. Mike Weber:   Dan Aykroyd
Kenny Weber:   Kevin Sheridan
Andy Weber:   Brendon Ryan Barrett
Meredith Weber:   Courtney Chase
Fred Weber:   Spencer Breslin
  Michael Finiguerra
Bishop Jerome:   Dakin Matthews
Melinda McGraw:   Bridgette Collins
Nancy Boyd:   Helen Cates
Father Todd Tucker:   Anthony Clark

This short-lived '90s Disney sitcom served as a spin-off
of Home Improvement. Soul Man was a gentle comedy about
the homelife and worklife of a widowed Episocopal minister
raising four kids in Detroit, Michigan. Reverend Mike had been
something of a "wild child" in his younger days, motorcycle-
riding, leather-jacketed, hanging out with the wrong crowd. Now
he had to try to be a role model to his 4 rambunctious children:
Kenny, the selfish teen, who thought church was dumb; Andy,
the angelic little devil who was always trying weird experiments;
and Meredith, the 8-year-old who lived to torture Fred, the
youngest. His supervisor was straight-laced Bishop Jerome,
who didn't approve of Mike's earthy sermons and little jokes,
such as the devil hand puppet or taking phone calls while in the
pulpit. Melinda, a snooping reporter who seemed to want to make
Mike look bad in the paper, was a romantic interest.

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