October 26, 1982 - May 25, 1988
NBC Medical Drama - 137 Filmed Episodes


Dr. Donald Westphall:   Ed Flanders
Dr. Mark Craig:   William Daniels
Dr. Ben Samuels:   David Birney
Dr. Victor Ehrlich:   Ed Begley, Jr.
Dr. Jack Morrison:   David Morse
Dr. Annie Cavanero:   Cynthia Sikes
Dr. Wayne Fiscus:   Howie Mandel
Dr. Cathy Martin:   Barbara Whinnery
Dr. Peter White:   Terence Knox
Dr. Hugh Beale:   G.W. Bailey
Nurse Helen Rosenthal:   Christina Pickles
Dr. Phillip Chandler:   Denzel Washington
Dr. V.J. Kochar:   Kavi Raz
Dr. Wendy Armstrong:   Kim Miyori
Dr. Daniel Auschlander:   Norman Lloyd
Nurse Shirley Daniels:   Ellen Bry
Orderly Luther Hawkins:   Eric Laneuville
Joan Halloran:   Nancy Stafford
Dr. Robert Caldwell:   Mark Harmon
Dr. Michael Ridley:   Paul Sand
Mrs. Ellen Craig:   Bonnie Bartlett
Dr. Elliot Axelrod:   Stephen Furst
Nurse Lucy Papandrao:   Jennifer Savidge
Dr. Jaqueline Wade:   Sagan Lewis
Orderly Warren Coolidge:   Byron Stewart
Dr. Emily Humes:   Judith Hansen
Dr. Alan Poe:   Brian Tochi
Nurse Peggy Shotwell:   Saundra Sharp
Mrs. Hufnagel:   Florence Halop
Dr. Roxanne Turner:   Alfre Woodard
Ken Valere:   George Deloy
Terri Valere:   Deborah May
Dr. Seth Griffin:   Bruce Greenwood
Dr. Paulette Kiem:   France Nuyen
Dr. Carol Novino:   Cindy Pickett
Dr. John Gideon:   Ronny Cox
Tommy Westphall:   Chad Allen
Father Joseph McCabe:   Edward Herrmann
Clancy Williams:   Helen Hunt
Myra White:   Karen Landry
Erin Scheinfeld:   Cady McClain
Dr. Susan Birch:   Jamie Rose
Elizabeth Westphall:   Dana Short
Joanne McFadden:   Patricia Wettig

St. Elsewhere is an offbeat, critically acclaimed hospital
drama of unprecedented quality. Produced by the company
responsible for "Hill St. Blues," it was considered a medical
version of that program, showcasing unflinching realism and
excellent writing and acting, as well as a unique blend of
black humor, drama and tragedy. Despite amassing eight
Emmy Awards and a fiercely loyal following during its
five-year run, it received poor ratings.

Set in a rundown Boston neighborhood, "St. Elsewhere"
(the derisive name given to St. Eligius teaching hospital)
serves patients not wanted by the more prestigious
institutions. The sensitive Dr. Donald Westphall leads the
administration, struggling with the daily triumphs
and failures of hospital life.

He is busy with the dedicated and caring staff who have
their own difficulties, such as egotistical heart surgeon
Dr. Mark Craig, inexperienced graduate Dr. Victor Ehrlich,
and the young resident Dr. Phillip Chandler, who is afraid
of not measuring up to the high standards of medicine.

It is a place where little joys like the birth of a baby are
offset by muggings in the emergency room, ministering
aid to the indigent and homeless, a nurse stealing
medication from patients, and so on. And unlike
most previous medical shows, patients on
"St. Elsewhere" do not always pull through.

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