April 29, 1989 - September 26, 1992
Disney Channel Original Game Show

Marc Price

Brandy Brown
Tiffini Hale
Chase Hampton
Mark Walberg

Teen Win, Lose or Draw was a game show that had 2 teams,
each composed of 2 civilian teen contestants and 1 celebrity
teen guest, compete in a Boys vs. Girls game where the object
was to get each other to get certain words, names, and phrases
by drawing pictures. Each game began with a Clue Puzzle Round
where the teams had 60 seconds to get a series of clues leading
up to a well-known subject. This was followed by a Phrase
Round, where the teams had 60 seconds or less to communicate
a phrase. Each game ended with a 90-second speed round,
and the team with the most points at the end of each game
won a prize e.g. a Balloon Ride and/or a Konica Camera.

The Disney Channel is set to bring back Win, Lose or Draw
later this year, with 2 kids and a Disney Channel star per
team competing. Actor/magician Justin Willman will host.

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