September 21, 1991 - June 12, 1993
NBC Situation Comedy
33 Combined Episodes


Millicent Torkelson:   Connie Ray
Dorothy Jane Torkelson:   Olivia Burnette
Steven Floyd Torkelson:   Aaron Metchik
Ruth Ann Torkelson:   Anna Slotky
Chuckie Lee Torkelson:   Lee Norris
Mary Sue Torkelson:   Rachel Duncan
Wesley Hodges:   William Schallert
Kirby Scroggins:   Paige Gosney
Riley Roberts:   Michael Landes
Brian Morgan:   Perry King
Molly Morgan:   Brittany Murphy
Gregory Morgan:   Jason Marsden

A sensitive teenager was mortified by her family in this
bittersweet comedy about a working class family on the
ropes. Dorothy Jane Torkelson just wanted to be thought of as
normal, like any 14-year-old, but how could she be: her
father Randall had walked out on the family, they were
perilosuly short of money, and might even lose their big old
rambling house in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma. Yet her
perky, sweet optimistic mom, Millicent, saw sunshine
everywhere, even as men came to repossess the
appliances. Her brothers and sisters--athletic Steven,
spunky Ruth Ann, studious Chuckie Lee, and huggable little
Mary Sure--acting as if nothing was wrong. Helping out at
least a little was Mr. Hodges, a kindly older man who had
rented a room in the Torkelsons' family basement.

After a single season The Torkelsons was retooled with a
new name, Almost Home. Millicent had moved to Seattle,
Washington to become a nanny working for single dad
Brian Morgan, a widower who ran a successful catalogue
business. She now had three kids, who mixed like oil
and water with Brian's teen children, Molly and Gregory.

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