April 8, 1990 - June 10, 1991
ABC Crime Drama
29 Episodes


Agent Dale Cooper:   Kyle MacLachlan
Sheriff Harry S. Truman:   Michael Ontkean
Josie Packard:   Joan Chen
Catherine Martell:   Piper Laurie
Pete Martell:   Jack Nance
Leland Palmer:   Ray Wise
Sarah Palmer:   Grace Zabriskie
Laura Palmer:   Sheryl Lee
Major Garland Briggs:   Don Davis
Bobby Briggs:   Dana Ashbrook
Big Ed Hurley:   Everett McGill
Nadine Hurley:   Wendy Robie
James Hurley:   James Marshall
Benjamin Horne:   Richard Beymer
Audrey Horne:   Sherilyn Fenn
Jerry Horne:   David Patrick Kelly
Donna Hayward:   Lara Flynn Boyle
Dr. William Hayward:   Warren Frost
Eileen Hayward:   Mary Jo Deschanel
Shelly Johnson:   Madchen Amick
Leo Johnson:   Eric Da Re
Hank Jennings:   Chris Mulkey
Norma Jennings:   Peggy Lipton
Lucy Moran:   Kimmy Robertson
Dr. Lawrence Jacoby:   Russ Tamblyn
Deputy Andy Brennan:   Harry Goaz
Deputy Tommy Hill:   Michael Horse
Mike Nelson:   Gary Hershberger
Albert Rosenfield:   Miguel Ferrer
Mayor Dwayne Milford:   John Boylan
Blackie O'Reilly:   Victoria Catlin
Gordon Cole:   David Lynch
Richard Tremayne:   Ian Buchanan
Margaret, the "Log Lady":   Catherine E. Coulson
Annie Blackburne:   Heather Graham
Windom Earle:   Kenneth Welsh

Fresh from his success in Blue Velvet, filmmaker David
Lynch created this short-lived early '90s crime drama, which
focused on Agent Dale Cooper, a mystical loner, who had
come to the Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks, near the
Canadian border, to investigate the murder of 17-year-old
homecoming queen Laura Palmer. With the help of Sheriff
Harry Truman, Cooper began to explore the town's intricate
web of affairs, plots, and eccentrics. The seemingly
wholesome Laura Palmer had relationships with biker-poet
James and hot-tempered Bobby, among others, and had
been treated by weirdo psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Jacoby.

On May 21, 2017, the Showtime Cable Network successfully
brought Twin Peaks back as a regular weekly series.

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