June 23, 2011 - August 20, 2014
FX & FXX Situation Comedy
49 Episodes


Ryan Newman:   Elijah Wood
Jenna Mueller:   Fiona Gubelmann
Wilfred Fazio Mueller:   Jason Gann
Kristen Newman:   Dorian Brown
Drew:   Chris Klein
Bruce:   Dwight Yoakam
Catherine Newman:   Mary Steenburgen
Mr. Patel:   Gerry Bednob
Gene:   George Coe
Leo:   J.P. Manoux
Spencer:   Ethan Suplee
Nick:   Charles Esten
Dr. Arturo Ramos:   Nestor Carbonell
Dr. Cahill:   John Michael Higgins
Amanda:   Allison Mack
Jeremy:   Steven Weber
James:   Eugene Byrd
Kevin Jesquire:   Rob Riggle
Margot:   Randee Heller
Anne:   Kristen Schaal
Henry Newman:   James Remar

Wilfred is based on the critically acclaimed Australian
series of the same name and follows a young man named
Ryan Newman and his neighbor's dog Wilfred. In the
debut episode, Ryan concocts a drug cocktail in order to
commit suicide. After this failed attempt, Ryan's neighbor,
Jenna, knocks on his door to ask him to look after Wilfred,
whom Ryan sees and hears as a man in a dog costume.

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