September 15, 1979 - October 6, 1979
CBS Situation Comedy
9 Filmed Episodes


Ernie O'Rourke:   Jim Belushi
Mike O'Rourke:   Michael Keaton
Al Steckler:   Val Bisoglio
Frank Falzone:   Phil Rubinstein
Mitch Hannigan:   Allan Arbus
Nikki Evashevsky:   Lorna Patterson
Heimlich:   Paul Reubens

Ernie and Mike O'Rourke were brothers and janitors who
aspired to work their way up in the field of business. The
brothers worked in an office building owned by their uncle Harry.

Ernie and Mike also were roommates in an apartment over a
cafe where they befriended the owner Mitch and waitress
Nikki. Each episode featured physical and slapstick comedy.

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